moratorium mor‧a‧to‧ri‧um [ˌmɒrəˈtɔːriəm ǁ ˌmɔː-] noun moratoria PLURALFORM [-riə] or moratoriums PLURALFORM [countable usually singular]
1. a period of time when a particular activity is officially stopped:

the lifting (= ending ) of a trade moratorium

moratorium on

• the US moratorium on the production and export of landmines

2. also ˈdebt moraˌtorium FINANCE a law or an agreement that gives countries, organizations etc more time to pay their debts:

• Banks have helped out several big property concerns on the verge of insolvency by offering debt moratoriums or other refinancing options.

moratorium on

• When a business finds itself seriously short of cash, it can ask its creditors for a moratorium on debt payments.

* * *

   The suspension or delay by a borrower of repayments of principal, and sometimes of due interest, on a loan. If it is determined that interest will in fact be paid, then banks can continue to classify the loan as a performing asset. If neither principal nor interest is being paid it is a non-performing loan.

* * *

moratorium UK US /ˌmɒrəˈtɔːriəm/ noun [C, usually singular] (plural moratoriums, plural moratoria)
a period of time during which a particular activity is stopped: a moratorium on sth »

The European Union imposed a two-year moratorium on new GM imports.


end/impose/lift a moratorium

(also debt moratorium) FINANCE an agreed period of time during which a country does not have to pay its debt to other countries: »

An immediate debt moratorium would free resources for poor countries to spend on health and education programmes.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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